Answers to: It is Safe at the DCI Mayan Missions Base?

DCI Mission Campus is 135 Miles West of Any Travel Advisory. At this time we are getting the question: “Is it safe in the Yucatán?”  Our answer is: “Unquestionably the Yucatán Extremely Safe.” If you are one of our regular partners that come to the Yucatán, you understand that we are located two and a half hours West of Cancun. The DCI base is in an entirely different state and area where Cancun is located. There is NO travel advisories for the State of the 

Yucatán. The Yucatán is so different than any other

part of Mexico because of its safety, the pleasantness of

it’s people and many quaint Mayan cities. Our location is

a long 36-hour drive from the US/MX border/1,800 miles.

Many people say: “The State of the Yucatán is like a country
of its own, so different, so quaint and peaceful”.

Bill & Kathy Craver

Our DCI Missions Campus is located is the downtown area

of the historic Mayan city of Tizimin. Where ice

cream shops and restaurants with unique characters line

the streets. As a matter of fact, tourism is growing in the

Yucatán because vacationers are avoiding the Cancun area.

This peaceful area is the perfect location for students,

families, ministries an individuals to lodge while aiding

people. We invite you to come and help us on a short-term

mission trip within this Mayan region, the State of the Yucatán.


Posted by TripAdvisor 9/6/17

Cancun's Hotel Zone and the city Downtown areas  frequented by tourists and locals alike are among the safest places to travel in Mexico and are known throughout Mexico for their relatively lower crime rate. Other than the normal petty thievery frequent in all tourist destinations, major crime involving tourists in the tourist zone is almost non-existent... The crime in Cancun City is predominantly a situation found in most large urban centers and involves crimes against the person among the local citizens. Overall, the tourist areas of Cancun and by extension the Mexican Caribbean locations of Isla Mujeres, Riviera Maya, Playa Del Carmen, Isla Cozumel, Tulum are considered by many to be some of the safest travel destinations in the Caribbean. 


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Mexico has been getting a bad rap... First off, it's important to known the difference between the two different travel advisories the U.S. State Department issues: [1] travel alerts and [2] travel warnings. A travel alert is a short-term caution, signaling events that should be over fairly quickly. .. Travel warnings are more long-term, signaling overall red flags for entire countries... Of course, whenever you are traveling internationally (or in the U.S., for that matter), certain common-sense precautions are necessary...


The Facts About Safety in Yucatán

Violence dominates much of the news about Mexico, but thousands of miles away from the troubles in Northern Mexico is an oasis: the state of Yucatán and the city of Mérida, home to our semester and summer programs…

Numerous writers and safety experts have touted the state of Yucatán as a tranquil, vibrant destination…

“Yucatan” Mexico's Safest Destination

Tourism Booming Again-New America Media

U.S. State Department Travel- notes that no travel advisory is in effect for the state of Yucatán.

El Financiero (article in Spanish): Yucatan has been evaluated with the highest scores among 8 different categories in terms of safety.

September 2015 Butler University “Institute for Study Abroad”


Trip Advisor Forum- March, 2010

Carico rincon de... March 23

“Merida and the state of Yucatan are probably the safest large city and state in the Republic of Mexico...Most of the street parties and dances do not even start until 9PM, and go on for hours...I just spent a month driving around the peninsula visiting out of the way ruins and less traveled tourist sites only on the back roads without any problems at all...enjoy”

RobertSDF,  March 24

I agree…. Yucatan are among the safest places you can travel . 

YucatanLiving Merida, Mar 24

Not that you need it, but let me add my confirmation that it is very safe in the Yucatan…Driving is safe, highways are well-marked and most back roads now feature asphalt and an occasional wide shoulder to let oncoming traffic pass. Enjoy!


Washington Post / February 9, 2012 – William Booth

The Yucatan Peninsula is free of… mayhem. No advisory is in effect for the states of Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Roo. Good to go…


Christian Science Monitor

By Sara Miller Llana, Staff Writer JUNE 4, 2010 

**Yucatan** “As safe as Seattle,' says a transplant to Mérida…where there is no sign of the violent”…